Due to the quality of the products manufactured by ALTUR SA Slatina, our company is an important supplier to the European automotive industry.

Long-term goals

- Increasing the external and internal market segment
- Increase in turnover
- Cost optimization and high value added products
- Increasing labor productivity
- Improving economic and financial indicators.
- Improvement of the work safety system

       In order to improve the quality, reduce costs and improve the environmental conditions in the process of melting the aluminum alloys, ZPF Therm-Germany gas fired furnaces were purchased. The melting process is completely automated.
      For the metallurgical treatment of the aluminum alloy, the automated treatment systems with inorganic fluxes and inert gases were purchased from FOSECO - Gemania

Customers on the domestic market:

- S.C. AUTOMOBILE DACIA - RENAULT - Pitesti - car parts (including the markets from: RUSSIA, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, SOUTH AFRICA, MOROCCO, etc.) and spare parts.
- TOTAL GAZ - Iasi - Aluminum alloy die casting for gas distribution systems.
- S.C. HESPER - Bucharest - Elements for High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps.
- ANOROM - Deva - molded parts gravitationally processed for airport illumination installations.
- Repair centers for Agriculture, Transport and various branches of the industry - pistons and engine sets for cars, tractors, trucks.

Customers on the foreign market:

- TRW Automotive (Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, England and China) - gravity and pressure castings - brake components for automobiles (mainly pumps and brake calipers) - RENAULT, BMW, AUDI, OPEL, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT , MERCEDES.
- CONTINENTAL TEVES (Germany - China) - gravity and pressure castings - components for. braking systems and engine (mainly brakes and brake calipers) for BMW cars and cast and machined parts for Maserati, Porche, Audi and Volvo suspension
- RENAULT-NISSAN (France - Spain) die-casting and gravity-processed parts (first assembly components)
- COOPER STANDARD (France) - pressurized and gravitational - processed parts (first assembly components for Peugeot - Citroen cars)
- OMG srl (Italy) pressure castings (components for VOLKSWAGEN and SKODA cars)
- VOITH TURBO - GEA & BOCK - HAGELMAYER (Germany) - castings and machined parts for trucks
- M & G (Italy) Pressurized and processed parts for heating systems (NEFID & BUDERUS, WIESSMAN VAILLANT, etc.)
-Egipt, - car pistons and engine sets for tractors.