In order to adapt the manufacturing process to modern technologies and to ensure the manufacture of products in competitive conditions both for the domestic market and especially for the foreign market, ALTUR SA has made a series of investments. current technological and in accordance with the quality requirements imposed by the main customers.
    Founded in 1979, ALTUR has 4 main production sectors

           Gravitational casting section
The smelting of aluminum alloys is done in ZPF Therm-Germany gas melting furnaces. The metal smelting process is computer assisted, with permanent monitoring of all parameters imposed by technology.
  The gravitational casting of the parts is performed in tilting metal shells with permanent monitoring of the casting parameters on casting cells equipped with ABB robots.
Pressure casting section

The pressure casting of the parts is done on machines
  - BUHLER- Switzerland (of 250tof, 420 tof and 530tof),
  - FRECH - Germany (380 tof, 450 tof and two 580 tof),
  - POLACK- Slovakia (various variants, with closing force between 110 tof and 1600 tof).
- The sanding of the parts is done in the RÍSLER installation.
    Mechanical processing section

- The processing of static and pressure castings is performed on machines with numerical control type: HAAS - USA, WEISSER SOHNE - GERMANY, SW - GERMANY
- The processing of parts on these types of machines guarantees a high efficiency, a stability in quality so that the highest standards of the clients are met.
-The cleaning of the processed parts is done in the washing installation - TEKNOX - Italy
    Die section

  - Having a rich experience in the production of molds and measuring and control devices, ALTUR produces most of them in a section equipped with some of the most advanced machines and equipment.