Fascinated by aluminium since 1979

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Mission, vision, values


To be a model of excellence in the aluminium castings industry, to deliver the highest quality castings that meet the exacting requirements and specifications of our customers.


To become a leader in the production of aluminium castings, recognised for the exceptional quality of our products and continuous innovation in the industry.



Quality is the foundation of our values and a priority in everything we do. We place emphasis on rigorous quality control at all stages of the production process to ensure compliance with our customers’ specifications and requirements.


We take social and environmental responsibility, pursuing sustainable business practices, complying with relevant rules and regulations and having a positive impact on the community and the environment.


We are guided by sound ethical principles, honesty and transparency in all business dealings and communication with customers, employees and other partners.

Customer orientation

We put our clients’ needs and satisfaction at the heart of our business, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions and high quality service based on a deep understanding of their requirements and objectives.


We promote continuous innovation in production processes and technologies, always looking for new ways to improve the performance and efficiency of aluminium castings.


We foster close collaboration with clients, partners and teammates, creating a culture of cooperation and exchange of ideas to achieve the best results and customized solutions.

Professional development

We invest in the continuous development and training of our employees, promoting a stimulating work environment that encourages professional growth, initiative and innovation.